About Me
As the Commercial Director I am responsible for supervising the commercial operations of our business. My primary focus is to assist and offer support to our customers, partner suppliers, and our committed team. With extensive experience and expertise gained over the years being part of Myliko Wines’ journey, I am always willing to share my knowledge. The diversity of my role, combined with my passion for wine, keeps me engaged and energised.

Hobbies & Interests
Someone once summed up my interests as anything you can eat, drink, plug in or drive! Pretty accurate I would say!

Favourite Wine
Selecting a favourite wine is a challenge, akin to choosing a favourite child. My appreciation of wine is diverse, so my choice is influenced by the company, the occasion, and the cuisine. However, I can confidently say that heavily oaked chardonnay is not to my liking, even some exceptional white Burgundies do not agree with my discerning taste.

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