About Me
As commercial director, my role is to oversee all the commercial aspects, and operations of the business.  However, my key objective is to help- whether it be our customers, our partner suppliers, or our dedicated team. Being part of the Myliko Wines journey since practically the beginning has provided me with years of invaluable experience and knowledge which I am happy to share. The diversity of my role, along with my love of wine, means that there is never a dull moment.

Hobbies & Interests
Someone once summed up my interests as anything you can eat, drink, plug in or drive! Pretty accurate I would say, being both a big foodie, a gadget lover, and petrol-head!

Favourite Wine
This is a very difficult one to answer- it’s almost like choosing your favourite child! I love the diversity of wine, so it depends on with whom, with what and where I’m drinking.
It’s much easier to say what I don’t like – a heavily oaked chardonnay. Yes, even some of the great white Burgundies don’t agree with my fussy palate!

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