Csanyi Villany Winery

The predecessor of Csányi Winery, the Chateau Teleki winery was founded by Zsigmond Teleki in 1881. The name of the imperial and royal purveyor has become wide-known all over Europe at the time of the phylloxera plague – due to his experimental selection of rootstock resistant to phylloxera. Phylloxera (i.e. grape-louse) has destroyed most of the vineyards in Europe, but a real remedy was not found for a long time. Teleki was the first one to experimentally find rootstock species resistant to the pest even in calcic soils, on his own vineyards. His work was carried on by his sons, Andor (Andrew) and Sándor (Alexander). Thanks to their innovative efforts the dream of the wine-makers came true. The serious epidemic was combated. The Chateau Teleki winery later gained significant recognition, in addition to viticulture, oenology and grape genetics research and breeding, for viticulture and oenology expert training as well.

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