Groupe Grap’Sud

Since 1923 the distillery “La Grappe de Montpellier”, located on the Mediterranean coast, has been distilling the grape marcs brought to it by the great winemaking properties of the region. The spirits and the “Fines du Languedoc” produced in this way have for decades been promoting the region’s traditional expertise, which goes back more than eight centuries.

Even today the great winemaking families of Montpellier still meet regularly to support the future of the distillery and to share the fruits of their production in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

With all the strength of the pioneering spirit that characterises the region, the distillery is continuing to write new pages in the history of the local spirits. New distillation techniques and the diversity of the grape varieties from the vineyards give even more impetus to this search for the new and the unique.

It’s in this way that the GM products have been created by our master distillers, offering new tasting horizons with a Mediterranean accent.

Wines From Groupe Grap’Sud